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    On this site, there are some things to be found here about making non-mainstream music, about studios and its guests, about hi-end recording gear and low-end recording. About piezo elements. Of course, there is a calendar with upcoming events, and a news dept. There is some stuff about sound in general, sound in extremis, sound in theatre. Salad dressing at some point. Something about hi-tec in art, and some things about Ethiopia, its music and its musicians. Some things could even be for sale. There will be a possibility to subscribe to news. There might be some more subjects in the future. A lot of things have to do with what I do, me being mr.devis, Ato Asa, and Jeroen Visser

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Today: Aug 28, 2014

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    Jeroen's electro-acoustic piece "the Spanning", commissioned by Worm Rotterdam in 2007 , has been chosen for release by Synesthesia Recordings in Milan/Rome